Scrapingbot - Methods used to prevent webscraping

What are the methods used against web scraping?

Even though web scraping is commonly used across most industries, most websites do not appreciate it and new anti-scraping methods are being developed regularly. The main reason is that aggressive web scraping can slow down the website for regular users, … Read More



ScrapingBot developed a new feature named Live Test for testing in live their web scraping APIs easily … Read More


How to scrape a website without getting blocked?

When you want to collect and analyze data, let it be for price comparison, statistics or to see a general evolution, scraping is a great and essential time saver. However, many websites do not appreciate to be heavily scraped, some … Read More

An even better scraping bot is born !

After running a couple of e-commerce websites and trying out most of the tools available to scrape data, we decided to create our own as we were not satisfied of the performance of the APIs we tried. ScrapingBot is aimed … Read More