Real estate scraper The Game-Changer for Real Estate Data Collection

In the rapidly evolving world of real estate, data is the new gold. The ability to quickly and accurately collect, analyze, and act on data is becoming a decisive factor for success. However, traditional data collection methods often fall short, … Read More

Scraping Funda

How to scrape real estate listings from Funda ?

Web scraping is essential to keep an eye on the most dynamic markets. We’ve started by developing an API for retail, and have now released a real estate scraping API Below, we’re going to test ScrapingBot on a real estate … Read More

Scraping Leboncoin

How to scrape real estate listings from Leboncoin?

Originally, ScrapingBot has been developed to collect data from product pages, such as Amazon or Ebay. Hence why you can collect very specific details like the shipping fees or the EAN. However, don’t be fooled by this, it is also very efficient … Read More

ScrapingBot how to scrape Zillow

How to scrape real estate listings from Zillow?

Web scraping is very useful for real estate professionals, as the housing market is one of the most dynamic ones. On our last real estate examples, we’ve scraped property listings from Funda, in Netherlands, and Rightmove in the UK. This … Read More

Illustration Scraping Bot Rightmove

How to scrape real estate listings from Rightmove?

On our last real estate example, we scraped useful data from a property listing on Funda, one of the main housing websites in the Netherlands. This time, we’re going to the UK, to scrape the real estate website Rightmove. Regarding … Read More