How to scrape product listings from Rakuten?

Scrape Rakuten Products with ScrapingBot

Historically, ScrapingBot's first API is the Retail API. It allows you to collect all the details you need from a product page: price, shipping fee, description, brand, and more!

Scrape Rakuten products with ScrapingBot

Our last retail website scraping example was on the number 1 reference: eBay. This time, we're going to look at its chinese competitor: Rakuten.

Rakuten is one of the biggest retail websites nowadays, for both professional and private sellers around the world. The strength of ScrapingBot is to scrape any format of a website. Even though the information you're looking for is the same, eBay and Rakuten are very different in their HTML.

We've done the test on products from different categories...

Rakuten Scraper


Here is the Rakuten product we're going to scrape:

Scraping data from Rakuten

And here is the data we retrieved:

Data retrieved from Rakuten listing

In the parsed information, you can see the product price and currency, shipping fee, tittle, description and brand. You will also see the previous price at the bottom. Not all the retail websites are providing the EAN13 code, so it will stay blank when not present on the product page.

We're going to scrape another Rakuten product page, to see if the API performs equally in different categories.

Home Appliances

We're now looking at a cooking robot. Please meet the Moulinex Cookeo, and its product page on the Rakuten website:

Scraping Rakuten

Here is the scraped information from the Rakuten product page:

Rakuten scraper

You can try it with the live test.

Just tick the Retail website data extraction box and the advanced options you need.

Scrape the retail websites you're interested in, and see it by yourself!