How to scrape product listings from Walmart?

Web scraping is particularly interesting for retail listings. This is where a small price difference can make a huge difference to your sales volume. You can use web scraping wether you're selling the exact same product, or an alternative. Some yearly events can have a big impact on the sales, and thereby represent profit opportunities.

Collect data from Walmart listings with ScrapingBot

Walmart is the north american leader for both physical and online stores. Once again, the main challenge with web scraping product listings is to adapt to a different organization of the details we're looking for. The strength of ScrapingBot is to scrape any format of website.

We've done the test on products from different categories


Here is the Walmart product page we're going to scrape:

Scraping Appliance Walmart listing with scrapingbot

And here is the data we retrieved:

Scraping Appliance Walmart listing with scrapingbot - Parsed data

In the parsed information, you can see the product price and currency, shipping fee, tittle, description and image URL.

We're going to scrape another Walmart product page, to see if the API performs as well everywhere on their website.

Outdoor & Gear

Let's get a bit outdoorsy with this very affordable mountain bike:

Scraping Outdoor Walmart listing with scrapingbot

Here is the scraped information from the Walmart product page:

Scraping Outdoor Walmart listing with scrapingbot - parsed data

Once again, the details have been correctly retrieved. The delivery is free and the product is available in stock.

You can try it with the live test.

Just tick the Retail website data extraction box and the advanced options you need.

Check out our other retail scraping examples here.

Scrape the retail websites you're interested in, and see it by yourself!

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