How to scrape real estate listings from Funda ?

Scraping Funda
Scraping Funda

Web scraping is essential to keep an eye on the most dynamic markets. We've started by developing an API for retail, and have now released a real estate scraping API Below, we're going to test ScrapingBot on a real estate listing.

Real estate market is an extremely competitive market, and you have to be very aware of the price fluctuations, the properties on sale or for rent in your target area or simply keep an eye on competitor's marketshares. The ScrapingBot API is an essential tool to help you in that purpose.

How to scrape Funda?

Now, let's see how ScrapingBot performs on real estate listings scraping. Let's try the ScrapingBot live test on the top real estate website in the Netherlands: Funda.

Here is the Funda page we want to collect the data from:

Funda scraper

And here are the data we retrieved:

Funda and ScrapingBot

Funda Scraper

Give it a try and tell us how we performed. We're very keen on receiving your feedback and making your experience of ScrapingBot even better!