How to scrape real estate listings from Rightmove?

Illustration Scraping Bot Rightmove
Illustration Scraping Bot Rightmove

On our last real estate example, we scraped useful data from a property listing on Funda, one of the main housing websites in the Netherlands.

This time, we're going to the UK, to scrape the real estate website Rightmove. Regarding real estate, each country follows its own specifications' system. For example, english property ads rarely specify the total surface of the house, but prefer to indicate the number of bedrooms. However, this does not impact ScrapingBot's performances...

Rightmove Scraper

In this example, we tried to scrape two real estate listings: one to rent and one to buy.


So let's start with this flat to rent in Hackney.

Here is the RightMove page we want to collect the data from:

Listing of a studio to rent on Rightmove

And here are the data we retrieve:

Data collected on the rend ad with ScrapingBot

As you can see, we retrieved some great information: title and description, publishing date, contact of the agency.
For renting adds, the price can be either by month or by week. Here, we extracted the price and currency of the monthly rent. In this case, the property is a studio, so there is no number of bedrooms specified.


Now, let's do the test on a house to buy.

Rightmove listing of a house to buy - ScrapingBot Case Study

You can see the collected data below:

Rightmove listing - Collected data - ScrapingBot

As before, we retrieved the title and description, and all the important details about the agency. This time, the price we collected is the purchasing price. Because it is a house and not a studio as previously, we can see the number of bedrooms.