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Competitors price monitoring clear and easy with our Prestashop Module for web scraping

If you are managing a Prestashop retail site, this is going to be great news for you!

You can integrate ScrapingBot Prestashop addon on your website to monitor your competitors prices directly from your Prestashop Dashboard.

Cool functionalities include being able to show or hide your competitor’s prices directly on your product page to highlight your competitive prices!

For this API, you can get:

50 Scrapes

for €0 /month

5k Scrapes

for €39 /month

12 500 Scrapes

for €99 /month

50k Scrapes

for €299 /month

150k Scrapes

for €699 /month

Here is the documentation for our Prestashop web scraping module ⤵

1 • Release Notes

Version: 1.0

Date: 5/02/2020

Author: ScrapingBot

2 • Prerequisite

• Minimum version: PrestaShop 1.6

• Web Server: cURL functionality installed and enabled

• Need to create an account on https://www.scraping-bot.io/login-scraping-bot-user-account/
and retrieve your Username and API KEY

• Download the Prestashop module .zip ⤵

3 • Module Installation

Simply use the built-in installer on Prestashop:

– Go to Modules

– Click on Add a new module in the top right corner

– Import the scrapingbot.zip archive

– Click on Install

The module is ready to use!

4 • Module configuration

The configuration of the module is divided into 4 parts:

      4.1. Parameters tab


Paramaters tab Prestashop Scraping Module by ScrapingBot

 – Enter your ScrapingBot username and API key

 – Save

 – Click on Check your connection. If your information are correct and your subscription is active, a window will appear and the Your subscription will be updated.

The subscription part : 

 • Show on product page: Choose whether or not you want to display the prices of competing platforms (merchants) on your product pages.

 • Choose display hook: Indicate where on your product page that you want to show the comparison table.

 • Number of prices to display: Enter here how many competitor prices you would like to display on your product page. We recommend a maximum of 5 prices.

 • Allow super proxies: This option allows you to retrieve the prices from websites that are more tricky to scrape, Amazon for example.

      4.2 Advanced Tab

Advanced tab prestashop web scraping module by ScrapingBot
 • Sender’s Email: If a price is not successfully retrieved, a button will allow you to request an investigation to the ScrapingBot support team. ScrapingBot team will get back to you on e-mail address you provided here.
 • Number of product per cron and Time to update a price : Set up the quantity of URLs to process, at what time and at what frequency. We recommend to leave the default parameters, as we cannot guarantee that the module will work correctly if you set higher values.
 • Enable logs: In case of recurring problems, the support team may ask you to enable logs.

      4.3. Cron Tab

This section gives you details about how to set up scheduled price collection tasks (called cron tasks).

      4.4. Platform Management

The platforms are retail websites from which the prices will be retrieved. They are used for the product part (see 5.) and for the price display on the product page.

– To add a platform, click on the + button.

– Fill in the platform details.

– The logo will be used for the price display on the product page.

– Activate allows you to chose wether or not you want to show this platform on your product pages.

– Click the save button

5 • Adding a URL to a product

In the administration of a product page

– Prestashop 1.6: an additional tab

– Prestashop 1.7: In the Modules tab, the ScrapingBot module appears. Click on Configurate

The same table will be presented in both versions.

Paste the URL of your product in one of the listed platforms.

After clicking the save button, you can click the Collect the prices now to manually start the price retrieval.

You can start a price collection at any moment with this button, independently from the cron tasks.

6 • List of retrieved prices

In the administration of your Prestashop, there is a ScrapingBot link in the catalog part. 

List of retrieved prices in prestashop scraping module by ScrapingBot

This page allows you to see the history of retrieved prices. You can filter them by product, platform or last updated date.

You can also export the list in csv format by clicking on 

7 • Implementation of the planned tasks

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