Always free
  • Raw HTML = 100 Calls*
  • Retail = 50 Calls
  • Real Estate = 50 Calls
  • Prestashop = 50 Calls
  • 5 Concurrent Requests
    JS Rendering (Headless Chrome)
    Premium Proxies
Most popular
€39/month **
  • Raw HTML = 100k Calls*
  • Retail = 10k Calls
  • Real Estate = 6,2k Calls
  • Prestashop = 5k Calls
  • 10 Concurrent Requests
    JS Rendering (Headless Chrome)
    Premium Proxies
Best value
€99/month **
  • Raw HTML = 250k Calls*
  • Retail = 25k Calls
  • Real Estate = 15,6k Calls
  • Prestashop = 12,5k Calls
  • 15 Concurrent Requests
    JS Rendering (Headless Chrome)
    Premium Proxies
    Advanced Support
Full access
€299/month **
  • Raw HTML = 1 M Calls*
  • Retail = 100k Calls
  • Real Estate = 62,5k Calls
  • Prestashop = 50k Calls
  • 20 Concurrent Requests
    JS Rendering (Headless Chrome)
    Premium Proxies
    Priority Support

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Get HTML : Each call on Google or using Premium Proxies ( Amazon, Linkedin, etc..) x 10 calls .//  Each calls with JS Rendering activated x 2 calls. If you combine JS rendering and Google or Premium Proxies x 20 calls.

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Yes of course ! Choose the plan you want and you can upgrade/downgrade whenever you need to .

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When you sign up, you can see your requests volume with a progress bar directly from your ScrapingBot dashboard.

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