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E-commerce price & data scraping – API scraper​

Collect all the data from any FashionNova page !

Extract accurate and structured data from, without getting blocked !

Using all the latest technologies, the web scraping Fashionnova API allows you to retrieve all the data you need : price, categories, sizes, colors, … 

As the fast fashion market is evolving at an incredible speed, this API can help you getting informed of eveything about

What can I scrape from the FashionNova store ?

Here is an example of a product page :

Here is the data retrieved with the API when scraping the URL of that specific product page ⤵

    "data": {
        "title": "Capri Summer Belt Bag - Black",
        "description": "Buy Capri Summer Belt Bag in Black from Fashion Nova. These Handbags are available in most sizes. Receive free US shipping on orders over $75.",
        "image": "",
        "price": 23.99,
        "shippingFees": null,
        "currency": "USD",
        "isInStock": true,
        "EAN13": null,
        "ASIN": null,
        "ISBN": null,
        "color": black,
        "brand": Fashion Nova",
        "category": {
            "name": "Purses and Handbags",
            "url": ""
        "categories": [
                "name": "Women",
                "url": ""
                "name": "Purses and Handbags",
                "url": ""
        "siteURL": "",
        "siteHtml": null,
        "productHasVariations": null,
        "statusCode": 200,
        "isFinished": null,
        "isDead": null,
        "htmlLength": 902320,
        "captchaFound": true,
        "isHtmlPage": true,
        "host": "",
        "images": [
        "sizes": [
        "originalPrice": null

What type of data can I get with the scraper ? 

  1. Price : On the page we scraped, the price is 23.99€. When collecting prices from your competitors’ products, then comparing them with the similar products you offer on your store, it can be a real asset to your business!

  2. Shipping Fees : Here, there aren’t any. But sometimes there are, and it’s important to know how expensive they are.

  3. Category : On this page, the category is “Pruses and Handbags”, but there are a lot of other categories like “Women”, “Men”, “Jeans”, “Shoes”, … Find out by yourself ! 

  4. Images : In the data retrieved, there are the images of the scraped product. 

  5. Sizes : This bag is only available in a single size, but for the clothes, many sizes are available, check it on your end ! 

Our plans don’t fit your needs ?  Contact us ! 

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If you are testing on a retail site, do not paste the URL of the homepage or a page with multiple products,
you have to paste a single product page URL 😉

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