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Web scraper from raw HTML content

Web Scraping Raw HTML – API

Scrape and extract raw HTML from webpage without getting blocked!

When you want to collect and analyze data, let it be for price comparison, statistics or to see a general evolution, scraping is a great and essential time saver.

However, many websites do not appreciate to be heavily scraped, some of them don’t allow it at all, especially in the retail industry sector.

There are some generic rules and tricks to respect/follow if you do not want to be blocked from scraping a website, temporarily or permanently. Thanks to our API you will be able scrape the content of a page without getting blocked.

The web scraping Raw HTML API collects the data while preserving its structure.

This module is especially made for scraping HTML from Google results for example.

Let’s scrape the Raw HTML of this page

example web scraping raw html with scraping bot

And here, this is what you get with our Raw HTML web scraping API 

Scraping Raw HTML Example using ScrapingBot API

User feedbacks

And see it for yourself !


If you are testing on a retail site, do not paste the URL of the homepage or a page with multiple products,
you have to paste a single product page URL 😉

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