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Select the right web scraping API for your needs and never get blocked again
when scraping data on the web !

Choose the Perfect Web Scraping API for Your Requirements and Enjoy Uninterrupted Data Extraction Across the Web!

Tailor-made Web Scraping APIs for Your Business Needs

Opt for the ideal API to extract and process HTML content from websites you aim to scrape. Our specialized APIs cater to specific industry sectors, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and accurate data.

Scraping-bot.io’s web scraping API intelligently locates the information within a webpage’s HTML and extracts it with precision. The data is then parsed and converted into structured JSON format, making it readily available for immediate use in your business applications. Boost your competitive edge with targeted web scraping solutions designed to meet your unique requirements.

Merchant Store for Web Scraping API
Logo Web Scraping API Raw HTML - ScrapingBot


1 Scrape = 1 Credit

Raw HTML API allows you to scrape and extract the HTML code of a page, without getting blocked !

Free plan available

Logo Web Scraping API Retail - ScrapingBot


1 Scrape = 10 Credits

The Retail API allows you to scrape product pages and extract valuable datas : price, description, EAN etc.

Free plan available

Logo Web Scraping API Real Estate - ScrapingBot

Real Estate​

1 Scrape = 16 Credits

Real Estate API allows you to scrape property listing details : surface, location, price…

Free plan available

Logo Web Scraping API Search Engine - ScrapingBot

Search Engine

1 Scrape = 16 Credits

Search engine API collect automatically the results of the search engine queries you want to monitor.

Free plan available



1 Scrape = 30 Credits

TikTok scraping API retrieves data from profile pages or hashtags.

Free plan available

API Instagram Scraper Data Collector ScrapingBot


1 Scrape = 30 Credits

Instagram scraping API retrieves data from profiles, posts or hashtags.

Free plan available



1 Scrape = 30 Credits

Facebook scraping API retrieves data from profiles or organization pages.

Free plan available



1 Scrape = 30 Credits

Twitter scraping API retrieves data from profiles or hashtags.

Free plan available

API Likedin Scraper Data Collector ScrapingBot


1 Scrape = 30 Credits

LinkedIn scraping API retrieves data from profiles, posts or company pages.

Free plan available

Logo Web Scraping API PrestaShop Module - ScrapingBot

1 Scrape = 20 Credits

The ScrapingBot power within your Prestashop dashboard. Access scraped datas when and where you need to !

Free plan available

Logo Web Scraping API Campsites Price Monitoring - ScrapingBot

Price Monitoring

External software

The 1st real-time price monitoring tool for campsites. Give your pricing policy a head start!

Logo Web Scraping API Groceries - ScrapingBot


Coming soon

Give your email address to get informed when it’s out.

Let me know - Groceries

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Check out our documentation to see how to use our web scraping API.

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If you are testing on a retail site, do not paste the URL of the homepage or a page with multiple products,
you have to paste a single product page URL 😉

WARNING : The live test is currently not available for the Social Media APIs, you can still test it for free using Postman (or other similar software) using the informations in the documentation

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